Cake Smash

Cake smashes are a popular way to celebrate your child's first birthday, or second, or third!

This milestone is usually the child's first introduction to cake. The wonderful experience produces a wide array of emotions and facial expressions that when captured just right, can produce images that are guaranteed to make anyone smile each and every time they see it.

Siblings and parents are always welcome to jump in a few poses if they wish.

My cake smashes are done in my home studio which is based in Okotoks.  

While your child may not have had cake before, I always find the parents choice in cake suites the child much more than mine, so for that reason I ask you provide your own cake and outfit(s). I would recommend a lighter colour cake for cake smashes. 

20 Digitally Edited Images included, from a gallery of 30+
         Additional image +$30
         Option to purchase entire gallery +$150

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