Okotoks - Waller Park


Okotoks - Waller Park

This is my favourite location to shoot. It has a fairly large parking lot for the area, complete with picnic tables and garbage cans for those wanting to relax before or after a shoot.

It has golden grassy areas that glisten in the sunshine, surrounded by large established trees. There are two routes we can take; the first has more tree canopies perfect for really bright days and so many enclaves, nooks and crannies for a wonderfully varied shoot.

The second route has the same wonderfully full and established tree lines but with more open areas for when clouds can be used to add drama and body to your pictures.


This little gem doesn't feature on any town map or popular online maps. You will have to rely on my directions below to ensure you make it there! I will meet you in the parking lot if we have a shoot scheduled there.


Heading south on Northridge Drive, continue past Elizabeth Street and the Fas Gas+ station but then take a right turn immediately after crossing the train track.

Continue straight down the road; you will hit a dirt road as you continue on which leads to the parking lot adjacent to the train tracks. So as long as you are following those tracks,  you'll find it.


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